Friday, January 10, 2014

First Post and Welcome

Thanks for coming to my blog about Iowa and the Civil War. The subject of Iowa's participation in the Civil War has always interested me because it is the first War that people "from" Iowa took part. Even though the Northern armies fought against a Confederacy bent on the idea of state rights and pride in that state, Iowans too have always had a great sense of pride in our great land of farms and hardworking people.

 Iowa sent more men per capita towards the cause than any other state in the Union. Ulysses S. Grant praised Iowa troops during the war and countless times Iowa boys distinguished themselves on the field of Battle.

 I myself am from the County of Appanoose where in 1861 Company D of the 6th Iowa Volunteer Infantry was raised. It was commanded initially by Captain Madison M. Walden. Many good men of this company fought with distinction at Shiloh and many other battles in the south. 

 This blog will serve as a place to compile my research on the 6th Regiment, Company D and also of other Iowa Regiments serving in the war as I try to recreate a common soldier from the great state of Iowa.


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